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Published Work 2009

Home-grown hangovers
(JetWings International, Dec 2009)
Pyongyang - more grey than green
(Travelodium, Dec 2009)
Nepal in a nutshell
(TNT Magazine, Dec 2009)
The Evolution of a Traveller
(BootsnAll.com, Dec 2009)
Top 20 Adventure Holidays for Spirited Couples
(Holidays for Couples, Oct 2009)
A visit to Soweto
(Transitions Abroad, Oct 2009)
The 7 Deadly Sins of Travel
(BootsnAll.com, Oct 2009)
Ottawa Walking Tour
(Visual Travel Tours, July 2009)
Howzit Brew?
(Travel Africa Magazine, July 2009)
How to get drunk in the UK
(Bakpak, July 2009)
10 free things to do in Toronto
(Bakpak, July 2009)
South Africa's Heart of Gold
(vtravelled, July 2009)
Chill out by night
(The Australian, July 2009)
Travel and get paid for it: EFL in Europe
(Bakpak, July 2009)
Starry starry night
(Jetwings International, July 2009)
Festival of the Gods
(Europe Top Travels, July 2009)
The Madiba Trail
(Travel Muse, June 2009)
Nine Weird Things You Miss When You're Not on the Road
(BootsnAll, June 2009)
Eight Endangered Travel Traditions
(World Hum, June 2009)
Canary Islands Mini Guide
(Traveling in Spain, June 2009)
The world's most secretive spa?
(AsiaSpa, June 2009)
10 Must-Try Canadian Foods
(Bakpak, May 2009)
What's the deal with moose anyway?
(Bakpak, May 2009)
10 Places to Get Drunk and Call it a Cultural Encounter
(BootsnAll, May 2009)
Cape Town Through a Different Lens
(The Expeditioner, Apr 2009)
Buddha's Birthday Party
(Travel Muse, Apr 2009)
Eight Traditional Foods to Try on the Road (but only once)
(BootsnAll, Apr 2009)
Chaos and Calm (See page 140)
(JetWings Domestic, Apr 2009)
10 Tips for Girls on the Road
(Bakpak, Mar 2009)
10 Tips for Budgeting Your Trip
(Bakpak, Mar 2009)
Six Feisty Female Travelers
(BootsnAll, Mar 2009)
Grand Trunks: Celebrating the elephants of Jaipur
(The Toronto Star, Mar 2009)
Six Guilty Travel Pleasures
(BootsnAll, Feb 2009)
Grape vs Grain [see page 22]
(Jet Wings, Feb 2009)
Making it big in Rural Korea
(Travelodium.com, Feb 2009)
Ten Toilets You'll Meet on Your Travels
(BootsnAll, Feb 2009)
Five-Star Backpacking
(Galavanting, Feb 2009)
Teaching in Paradise
(Transitions Abroad, Feb 2009)
Is Voluntourism a Dirty Word?
(BootsnAll, Jan 2009)
Eight Inspirational Spots to Write Your Travel Journal
(BootsnAll, Jan 2009)
Big Hearts in Little Lhasa
(Transitions Abroad, Jan 2009)
48 Hours in Cape Town
(The Independent, Jan 2009)


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